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Memory Keepsake

Memory Keepsake

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"My grandfather walked me to school for many years. With this keepsake I'll be able to hold his hand even when he's not around anymore." - Anna 

Trust us, nothing is more special than mementos like these. Don't miss your opportunity to set happy memories in stone. Create your own unique heirloom.

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        Size chart

        Adult size:

        2 adult hands or 3 child hands

        Diameter of bucket = 17cm

        Height of bucket = 17cm

        Family XL size:

        4 adult hands

        6 child hands

        Diameter of bucket = 22cm

        Height of bucket = 18cm

        Mini size (Baby keepsake):

        1 baby hand (up to 12 months old)

        1 baby foot (up to 12 months old)

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