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Perfection Toolkit

Perfection Toolkit

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Get some handy extra tools to make sure your casting looks the best it can be:

  • Paint kit: for that extra special look 
  • Sandpaper: to smooth out any small air bubble imperfections and the base
  • Wooden pick: to easily get the last bits of mold out from crevices, and a slanted edge to even out parts

Shipping & Returns

Fast 2 day delivery in Germany

Good result or free replacement

30 day money back guarantee

Size chart

Adult size:

2 adult hands or 3 child hands

Diameter of bucket = 17cm

Height of bucket = 17cm

Family XL size:

4 adult hands

6 child hands

Diameter of bucket = 22cm

Height of bucket = 18cm

Mini size (Baby keepsake):

1 baby hand (up to 12 months old)

1 baby foot (up to 12 months old)

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