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3D DIY Decoration Set

3D DIY Decoration Set

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“It was such a fun creative project to do! My friends compliment my DIY statue and I’m inspired to make more of those!” — Jean

Wanna get your creative juices flowing? Unleash your imagination with this 3D DIY decoration kit! It’s time to create a unique piece that will let you express yourself and gift your home even more authenticity.

  • Unrestricted creative experience
  • Finished in under 1 hour with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Make it a part of your art or create a unique decoration

Bucket fits: 2 adult hands, 3 child hands, or 2 baby feet. Diameter & Height of bucket are 17cm.

      Shipping & Returns

      Fast 2 day delivery in Germany

      Good result or free replacement

      30 day money back guarantee

      Size chart

      Adult size:

      2 adult hands or 3 child hands

      Diameter of bucket = 17cm

      Height of bucket = 17cm

      Family XL size:

      4 adult hands

      6 child hands

      Diameter of bucket = 22cm

      Height of bucket = 18cm

      Mini size (Baby keepsake):

      1 baby hand (up to 12 months old)

      1 baby foot (up to 12 months old)

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