About us

Who we are

Our small but passionate company was founded to give people comfort and to preserve happy memories of loved ones.

Our team focuses everyday on trying to make our product the best it can be. Using quality ingredients and ensuring it's very easy for you to get great results. What gives us energy is when we receive messages from customers saying they loved their experience and treasure their home made keepsake.

The Pearl Of My Heart Philosophy

In this age of smartphones, we believe that photos are not as powerful anymore to capture your memories of loved ones. Nowadays you see people taking hundreds of photos a week, but no one still has that one polaroid photo special to them that they carry around everywhere.

We wanted to bring back that powerful feeling of getting comfort and a smile from a special keepsake. To really get that feeling, you need something completely one-of-a-kind that requires a bit of effort to make. The incredible details you get with our kits can actually be touched and held, unlike any digital photo.

Our 100% Result Guaranteed Promise

We wanted our customers to get the best possible experience in making their own keepsake. So we decided we would give everyone a guarantee! The small part of customers that accidentally mess something up in the process are sent refills of what was used up along. We also help them figure out what the issue was, and give them extra tips to make sure the second attempt is perfect.

What we want for you

We really hope that one day years from now you'll look at your beautiful casting and it makes you smile warmly. We want it to help you fondly remember the loved one it was made with. We hope you take this opportunity to create your own unique keepsake, before it's too late.

We certainly cherish ours...

About the Pearl of My Heart Philosophy
Unique Pearl of My Heart Master Piece