5 reasons everyone is making 3D stone keepsakes
💖 Capture Happy Memories In Stone Forever
🥰 Spend Quality Time Together Doing Something Fun
🎁 It's The Coolest Gift for Any Occasion
📷 Incomparable to Boring Photos
🏠 Unique Decoration Piece For Your House
How to make the most unique stone keepsake with your loved ones?
1. Create your mold of your hands
Mix 450gr alginate powder with 2L of cold water to create a thick paint-like mixture. (Thicker mixtures capture more details) Insert your hands and let it harden around your hands. After 10 minutes, gently pull your hands out of the now hard but flexible mold.
2. Fill the mold with plaster
Mix 1.2kg of plaster powder with 0.6L of cold water, and pour into your mold. Tap the sides to remove any air bubbles. Let this harden for an hour.
3. Discover your 3D stone statue
Tear away the flexible mold to reveal the stone statue inside. Smoothen out gaps with a flat tool while the stone is still slightly soft. Write the date and your names on a wood base and glue your unique keepsake on top of that display. Congratulations! You now have a unique and meaningful decoration piece for your house.

Where do I get the materials to make this statue myself?

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Kit souvenir bricolage

Kit souvenir bricolage

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